Thursday, May 13, 2004

TeachingCulture! project description

This project aims at developing a training course for teachers which enables them to deal with the intercultural issues of language and cultural learning in a way appropriate to life in the growing European community. We are going to create and develop innovative didactical and methodological approaches that take into consideration holistic concepts of teaching and learning, learner-centred social settings, autonomy-enhancing access to information, informal learning situations, independent units of online and offline studying and a multi-channel tackling of learning strategies that clearly involve intercultural awareness and competence to professionalize adult education in a multicultural Europe.
Since quality management has become widely accepted, it should become a shared goal in European education that teaching is carried out by professionals who commit themselves to comparable standards, who have equal access to authentic sources and resources, who work on the development of their own intercultural awareness and who share the responsibility of facilitating learning processes that enable adult learners to successfully take part in the intercultural dialogue.


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