Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Work with the Quality tool

Just a few ongoing comments on my work with the quality tool. Please feel free to add your comments and experiences.
I am currently working in the editorial stage, trying to build up a quality profile for teaching culture based on the reference criteria catalog and process model of the PAS 1032-1.

In the moment the profile is created in perspective to the whole course, which will be developed. In a later stage it might be necessary to build specific profiles for single modules and units. The initial profile has the objective to serve as checklist for the development work and serves as a tool for the ongoing evaluation (formative).

Some names of the criteria in the catalog are not understandable, i.e. have to "translated".
When slecting criteria I will make notes and send this to Christoph. He will add it to the tool (in a later version new views can be added for criteria in the same way as for process descriptions).

When selecting criteria I am not 100% sure how to deal with "headline criteria", e.g. 2.2. purpose (objectives) is the headline criteria for 2.2.1 and. 2.2.2 ...
I think it is better so select them as I think it is helpful to put the criteria in context - however those headline criteria might confuse authors in the documentation and evaluation stage (?).